“Give Meaning To Those Resolutions, Have Purpose (Part 3)”

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Give Meaning To Those Goals & Resolutions, Have Purpose!

Part 3: Do Your Goals & Resolutions Help Achieve His Purposes?


     I find it refreshing to know that God has definite purposes for me. Many people ask what purpose God has for their life, assuming that He has different purposes for different people. Perhaps in some small way this is true since all of us have different roles in life, but ultimately God’s purposes for each person are the same: 1) glorify Him and 2) be with Him. Our last post focused on three ways we can achieve God’s purposes (praise Him, seek holiness and bless others), but what does that mean for our goals and resolutions? Everything.

First, thinking about God’s purposes and how they can be achieved will give greater meaning to the goals and resolutions that we’ve already made. For instance…

  • Did you make a fitness resolution? Why? Perhaps your clothes were fitting a little snug, or you’re just tired of feeling tired. Have you thought how this goal also matches with God’s purposes for you? If our bodies are truly the temple of God, then our bodies are meant to glorify Him (1Cor. 6:19-20)! It’s hard to glorify God in our bodies when they are run down by poor diet and lack of exercise. Furthermore, if blessing others is one of the main ways that we glorify God, we may find that those fitness resolutions are making us more fit and able to bless others.
  • Did you resolve to kick a bad habit? Great, and may God bless your efforts! And why wouldn’t He since ridding yourself of whatever the defilement is will help you to be holy as He is holy (1Peter 1:16)? So, if you have days when you struggle with this resolution (and there will certainly be struggles) remember that this is helping you glorify God!
  • Did you resolve to read the Bible this year? A fantastic resolution, but why did you make it? Were you feeling guilty because you know a Christian should be reading his Bible, but you weren’t? We’ve all been there, but let’s not read the Bible out of guilt or it will quickly become a chore. Consider how daily Bible reading helps you fulfill God’s purposes. In its pages you will discover reasons to praise God and ways of doing so. It points the way to holy living and prepares us to bless others. In short, the Bible guides us in glorifying God and directs our paths to Him!

     Second, let God’s purposes guide you into making new resolutions and goals. How can you resolve to praise God more this year? Perhaps you will set a goal of praying more and actually praising His name, rather than reciting a list of needs. Or maybe you’ll resolve to simply talk about our Father more. How can you resolve to seek holiness this year? Set a goal to get your eyes off of the TV or resolve to be offline more than you’re online. How can you resolve to bless others this year? Have you been spending too much time at work and not enough time blessing your family? Resolve to change! Have that paycheck spent before it’s even in your hand? No money left over for charitable deeds? Set a goal to rid yourself of debt and to use what the Lord provides to help others. Those are a few examples, but as you know the possibilities are truly endless.

     If this last post seems incomplete, that’s because it is. I’m still meditating on and praying about God’s purposes, still considering how His purposes will shape my life in the coming year. My wife and I are planning on discussing this weekend what God’s purposes mean for our family. One thing I know is that I feel good about this year, confident that God will be with me and my family every step of the way as we seek to glorify Him and ultimately be with Him.

Joshua Creel