“Letter from the Shepherds”

Elder Message to Members – 5/30/20

Dear Brothers and Sisters –

Greetings and, once again, we hope and pray that this finds you and your families well. Despite the difficulties and challenges of these times, we all are blessed in many ways and one of those blessings is that, to our knowledge, nobody in our South Bumby spiritual family has been afflicted with the Coronavirus during these weeks of separation. Our prayer is that this continues and we exercise care for one another, even as we resume being together physically for worship services.

As we prepare to assemble for worship tomorrow, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your thoughts and prayers, and the labors of the many individuals who have been making our assembly possible. It will be good for many of us to be together again and yet we all know things will not be “normal.”

During this past week, you should have received and had access to several messages and updates regarding tomorrow’s worship and time together:

  • A video from us (elders)
  • “Welcome Back” plans and precautions
  • Evite invitation to our worship service
  • “Welcome Home” video (Ken Chapman)

If you have not seen or read these communications, please check your email, South Bumby Talk on Facebook, and the website before worship tomorrow. Also, if you have not yet replied to the Evite invitation in your email to let us know if you are or are not planning to attend the worship assembly tomorrow, please respond today. You also may call the building (407) 851-8031 or email us at

And once again, we want to reaffirm our knowledge and understanding that some members in certain health categories should not join the assembly, while others may not be comfortable doing so yet. For those individuals, the service will be live-streamed as we have been doing over the past couple of months, and we look forward to them joining the service virtually.

Throughout the past couple of months, we have relied heavily on local government and CDC guidelines to help guide us in determining when and how to meet together. Tomorrow will be no different - if you are planning to join the assembly, we ask that you please be flexible and abide by the “Welcome Back” guidelines, including wearing cloth face coverings. If you don’t have a face covering, they will be available at the building. Also, our deacons and others will be on hand to provide assistance and direction, as needed.

While not necessarily convenient, we have initiated these guidelines with love, concern and respect for everyone in our South Bumby spiritual family. Your support tomorrow and in the weeks ahead will be much appreciated.

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and/or in the weeks ahead!

Jim, Ralph and Walcott