“June 28th Letter from the Shepherds”

Elder Message to Members – 6/28/20

Dear Brothers and Sisters –

Once again, we extend our love and reach out to you with sincere hopes that you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe.

We don’t need to tell you how challenging, frustrating and unsettling these times are. Just two weeks ago when we prepared our last letter to our South Bumby church family, it looked like Florida and Central Florida had stemmed the rapid growth of COVID-19. Then the past couple of weeks brought record and increasing numbers of positive test results.

This current situation directly impacts our congregation. We realize that some members may need to continue or resume “sheltering in” for worship services. Our hopes to move into our next phase at South Bumby, notably resumption of Bible classes at the building, are likely delayed. We’re sure you understand that we just can’t commit to a timetable for moving forward at this time; but we’ll continue to monitor and assess the overall situation.

Also and as expected, we are hearing from more members who have physical, emotional and financial needs directly and indirectly related to the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to the continuing generosity of so many of you, we are able to meet all benevolence needs at this time. But some aren’t physically able to get out and are in need of food and groceries, and this likely will continue. In addition, there are emotional, social and spiritual needs that can’t be met with financial support or the delivery of groceries. We don’t always know what those needs are unless someone says something.

So, we’re asking a few things of every South Bumby member: First, please let us or someone know if you have any needs. If anyone asks how you’re doing or if you need anything, be honest and share. We are blessed to be part of a loving and supportive church family who wants to and will help everyone.

Secondly, reach out and check on our homebound members and others who we haven’t seen or heard from recently. If you discover a need in doing so, please advise one of our deacons, Brother Chapman or us and we’ll attempt to provide the appropriate support. And remember those who are battling health problems and have lost loved ones in the midst of everything else going on right now.

Dr. Anthony Fauci recently stated that we all have societal and community responsibilities in these pandemic times. True and, as Christians, we also have a higher calling to protect, look out and care for one another. Brother Chapman has been delivering sermons affirming our responsibilities to be lights in our community and with each other. Let’s all do some self-examination and meet that special calling.

Above all, continue to pray for one another and our congregation, Central Florida community, state and nation.

May God continue to bless all of us.

Jim, Ralph and Walcott