“August 30th Letter from the Shepherds”

Elder Message to Members – 8/30/20

Dear Brothers and Sisters –

Warm greetings and blessings to each of you!

Since our last communication, it seems that the pandemic in Florida and Central Florida has abated somewhat. While we are thankful for that downturn, we remain a long way from returning to “normal.” In accordance with government and health industry direction, let us remain vigilant in following their guidelines.

Many of you know that the South Bumby congregation traditionally hosts a Gospel Meeting each fall and guest evangelists are scheduled up to five years in advance. The pandemic has challenged us to consider if and how to proceed with our Fall 2020 Gospel Meeting with Brother Doy Moyer from Birmingham. After much deliberation and discussion with Brother Moyer, we recently announced plans to proceed, albeit in a modified structure.

We are committing to a one-day “meeting” on Sunday, September 13. Our 11:00 a.m. worship service (at the building and online) and the 6:00 p.m. online Bible study both will be led by Brother Moyer. Also, we determined that the meeting lessons will be focused on how we – as Christians – should deal with divisive topics in these times of political upheaval with a national election looming, social unrest, the COVID pandemic and other sensitive and potentially divisive subjects.

When we scheduled Brother Moyer for this meeting long ago, we had no idea that 2020 would bring the kinds of challenges and issues we now face. Coincidentally (or not!), he is the right evangelist for this meeting and our chosen subject, as he has been writing about and discussing these things from Christian perspectives for many months.

Our plan is for Brother Moyer to present a sermon during the morning worship hour to challenge us. The 6:00 p.m. Bible study hour will be a little different – it will be devoted to a discussion of thoughts and questions from you, our South Bumby members. You will be able to submit questions throughout Sunday afternoon and/or live during the 6:00 p.m. hour. We also will be prepared to extend the discussion beyond the normal 60 minutes if questions and discussion so demand. More details about both services and how to submit questions will be communicated prior to Sept. 13.

Yes, this is two weeks away. But we have an immediate request of you… Please mark both meeting times on your calendar for Sept. 13 and make plans to fully participate in both, whether in person or online.

Every one of us needs to hear and consider the things that Brother Moyer will discuss with us. Clearly, we all are impacted directly or indirectly by these societal issues, and they can and do affect our Christian lives and relationships one with another. We all know that there are differing points of view, even within our South Bumby family, on every one of the above topics. And the scriptures are clear – when Christians have concerns or problems within the body, we are to deal with them. So, this special Gospel Meeting is being devoted to helping us through these times and issues.

So, again, we ask you to make a special effort to set aside Sunday, Sept. 13, and make a self-commitment to be part of these special and timely studies. And watch the weekly South Bumby bulletin for related articles authored by Brother Moyer.

As always, we want you to know that we appreciate, respect and love each of you!

Jim, Ralph and Walcot