Grace Isn't Cheap

Grace Isn't Cheap



     Grace is at the core of God's message to mankind. All of us need it and only He could provide it! This theme focuses on God's grace and the great cost of that grace. The videos below provide a brief overview of the material. Also, you will find links to more material that will aid your study of this important matter. Finally, we extend an invitation for you to join us for worship and Bible study as we explore this and other topics.

Video Series
  • What Is Grace?
  • Why Do We Need Grace?
  • What Grace Cost God
  • What Grace Costs You

Sermon Video:

  1. What Is Grace?
  2. Our Propitiation
  3. What Grace Cost God:
Audio Lessons
Amazing Grace The Grace Of God Teaches Us
Shall We Sin That Grace May Abound? Majestic Is The God Who Loves His People
The Love Of God God's Love & Wrath At The Cross


More Study Material