“March Letter from the Shepherds”

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We all are aware and being impacted by the Corona virus. Let us remember and pray for all individuals globally who have contracted and been exposed to the virus, as well as the continued health and wellbeing of everyone in our South Bumby spiritual family.

We have been in constant communication with one another since last week as we monitor developments and Corona virus updates. As shepherds, we care deeply about each member of our spiritual family, both spiritually and physically. Please pray for us to have the wisdom we need to lead during these unprecedented times.

Yesterday we made several changes in our South Bumby services schedule, seating, etc. Following guidance and cautionary recommendations by federal, state and local government and health industry leaders, and with prayerful consideration, we are making the following adjustments in our next worship and Bible class schedules:

  1. This week’s (March 18) Wednesday evening Bible Classes are cancelled.
  2. On Sunday, March 22, we will assemble for worship at 11:00 a.m. only. The 9:00 a.m. worship and Bible classes are cancelled.

It appears that our normalcy will be slow in returning, as the lifestyle effects of the corona virus are changing almost daily. We understand that this creates a lot of uncertainty and concern, but we will continue to discuss and communicate necessary steps for our congregation and worship. Generally, we likely won’t be able to meet and worship and study together in our building at regularly scheduled times. And certainly our most vulnerable members (aged, those with lowered immune systems, diabetes, respiratory problems, etc.) and everyone with any kind of health issues (colds, flu, sniffles etc.) should not be joining our assembly or other gatherings.

With all of the above in mind and since we cannot be together as much as we would like, let us remember that we still need to practice our faith and all of the regular responsibilities therein. Here are some things we encourage all in our spiritual family to do with renewed vigor during these times:

Pray – Praise and thank God for all blessings, for continued health, for strength and perseverance during these uncertain times, for our government and health care leaders and providers, and for one another.

Study and mediate upon the Word – At minimum, use the time that we normally would assemble together to study. And draw strength and encouragement from those studies!

Serve one another – Several of members and all of our homebound members still are in need of prayers and, sometimes physical assistance. Call and check on your fellow members and continue to serve as you have ability and opportunity. And let’s all inform one another of individual needs.

Maintain your regular Contributions – Even though you may not be able to attend worship services for one reason or another, your ongoing, weekly contributions remain a responsibility. Even in these times, our own and other evangelists we support, and members who need benevolence help depend upon our contributions. And we still have our regular bills to pay.

In sum, please don’t let our limited services schedules become an excuse not to practice our faith and fulfill our responsibilities to one another and our South Bumby spiritual family. If you are comfortable in doing so, gather in small groups of family and friends to pray and study together.

So, what’s next? We will be working diligently to provide regular communication in the coming days and weeks. We are in the process of connecting with your group leaders to assist in communication and service to those in need. We also are exploring video communication, studies and the possibility of online Bible studies. It will be very important for you to watch your email, the South Bumby facebook page and our South Bumby web page for updates and new information. And we are creating phone trees to connect with those who don’t use computer-based communications tools.

If you have thoughts or recommendations to assist during this time, please let us know. And please know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

The Elders,
Jim, Ralph, and Walcott