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Masks are Required Again

You, like we, probably have been monitoring Central Florida COVID-19 and variants developments. With a record number of coronavirus case numbers reported across our community (and the state of Florida) this week, we have felt a responsibility to our South Bumby church family to revisit current face mask guidelines for our congregation. Our approach to all things COVID since the onset of the pandemic in early 2020 has been and remains to follow CDC and local government guidelines to the best of our ability. As you probably know, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings declared a “state of local emergency” earlier this week and, accordingly, is urging all residents - vaccinated or not - to once again wear face masks indoors. Further, more members of our South Bumby church family have contracted COVID in the past two months or so than in the previous 12 to 16 months. 

Therefore and effective immediately, we regretfully ask everyone to once again wear face masks in our South Bumby church building. Members who cannot or should not wear face masks due to medical conditions are, of course, exempt. Those individuals who are immuno-compromised and cannot take the vaccine may want to consider resuming participation in our Bible classes and worship services virtually.

This is not a guideline that we want to reinstate. But we have said throughout this pandemic that we feel a strong sense of responsibility for both the spiritual and physical well-being of every member of our flock. The desired effect, of course, is to reduce or minimize the risk and spread of this disease when we assemble together. And so we make this request in consideration of all members and ask that you join us in this endeavor.

We will be happy to discuss this with anyone who objects or has concerns. In the meantime, let’s pray for our members who currently are struggling with COVID and that this state of emergency will pass quickly.

Jim, Ralph and Walcott

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Why did God create man? Why is the Bible so misunderstood? Why are there so many different churches? What is the Bible really all about? When confronted by one of these or similar questions we are often left groping for answers. This short video attempts to provide answers to these and similar questions.


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Ken Craig serves as an elder at the Helena church of Christ in Helena, AL. He has preached this simple presentation of the gospel around the world. Watch these two videos to come to a better understanding of The Big Picture Of The Bible. If you have questions or want further study, send us a message.