Live Streaming of Services

For those that are not yet ready to assemble at the building, you may view the Sunday class and worship session via YouTube. The YouTube link for live streaming is:

We will have two live-stream opportunities this week.

Sunday 10:00 AM (EDT): Live stream of the adult class. The live stream will continue until the conclusion of the 11:00AM worship service.

Wednesday 7:00 PM (EDT): Live stream of Bible Class (in lieu of the normal assemby)

Please join us and pass the word.

Live Stream Instructions

Video Lessons for those that are younger, and older

Parents, please review all the bible lesson videos for those that are youger presented by Dedra and Vikki. 

There is a 24 video play-list "Children's Classics" at:

For these and other videos, including sermons and lessions, please subscribe to our YouTube page at:

You Are Invited

Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to reach out to us for further information or to request a in-person Bible study.