Why did God create man? Why is the Bible so misunderstood? Why are there so many different churches? What is the Bible really all about? When confronted by one of these or similar questions we are often left groping for answers. This short video attempts to provide answers to these and similar questions.


Have you heard about the thief on the cross? Many people talk about him, his story, and his interaction with Jesus on the cross. While many people use him as an example of how to be saved, is he the proper model for us to follow? Is baptism necessary for salvation today? Let’s examine his story.


Many today question the legitimacy of the Jesus in the Bible. There are many different opinions about Him ranging from believing He is the Son of God, to believing He was just a good man. Join us as we examine which Jesus makes the most sense Biblically, historically, and logically.


Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Christian? Or maybe, why do people live so differently because of religion? In this short video, we will examine the question of: What does the Bible say about being a Christian?


Have you ever wondered why there are so many churches? Or perhaps, does it matter which church I go to? Let's open our Bibles and see what God says about obeying Him in this important matter.


Have you ever considered how serious the Bible is about loving your neighbor? Have you ever stopped to examine whether or not you are loving your neighbor the way God intended us too? As always, we will examine, what exactly the Bible says about how to be a good neighbor.


Every year American children everywhere go door-to-door saying "Trick or Treat!" while they really just want a treat (or a lot of treats). People everywhere get tricked and treated everyday. Are you receiving the real word of God and the treats of salvation therein? Or are you being tricked into thinking you are being treated? Let's examine the difference!