Welcome to the Church of Christ at South Bumby

Join us as we MAGNIFY our God in praise, LEARN the treasures of His Word and UPLIFT each other in fellowship and love.

Sundays: 9AM - Noon (Worship, Bible study, Worship with Lord Supper)
Wednesdays: 7PM (Bible study)

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Letter from the Shepherds

May 30th Letter from the Shepherds

Video Message from the Shepherds

Shepherds' Video Message

Live Streaming of Services

*** Important Updates ***

As we begin to assemble at the building this week, we know that several will still not be present. We will continue to stream the Sunday 11am worship via YouTube. As of this Sunday, we are discontinuing the use of Facebook for live streaming. You will be able to find a link on our Facebook page so that Facebook users can easily click the link and be taken to our YouTube page. The YouTube link for live streaming is:


Several have asked about our plans for streaming as we go forward. We do plan to continue live streaming of the 11am service until at least the end of 2020. Prior to that date, the Elders will look at all available information and make a decision as to the future of streaming at South Bumby. Also, there has been no decision related to streaming of the 9am service, but expect an announcement about such when we restart assembling at 9am.

We will have three live-stream opportunities this week:

Sunday 11:00 AM (EDT): Live stream of Worship (in addition to the normal assembly)

Sunday 6:00 PM (EDT): Live stream of Bible Class: Ezekiel 21+ (in lieu of the normal assembly)

Wednesday 7:00 PM (EDT): Live stream of Bible Class: Ezekiel 21+ (in lieu of the normal assemby)

To view these Live Streams via YouTube, go to the South Bumby YouTube page: youtube.com/bumbychurch/live

Please join us and pass the word.

Live Stream Instructions

Why did God create man? Why is the Bible so misunderstood? Why are there so many different churches? What is the Bible really all about? When confronted by one of these or similar questions we are often left groping for answers. This short video attempts to provide answers to these and similar questions.


For a more extensive study of this topic: 

Ken Craig serves as an elder at the Helena church of Christ in Helena, AL. He has preached this simple presentation of the gospel around the world. Watch these two videos to come to a better understanding of The Big Picture Of The Bible. If you have questions or want further study, send us a message.