Bible Reading Plan

A Year in the Epistles

The epistles are the letters God (through His ambassadors) wrote to His beloved children. They were intended to instruct, encourage, and even correct the saints who would read them, then and now.
Let's spend a year studying the best letters ever written. This reading plan allows for a slower pace, therefore a deeper study and more research. Read it. Study it. Then read it again.

Some Tips and Suggestions:

  • Commit to this plan and see it through. Make the decision that you will spend this year in the Epistles.
  • This reading plan is designed for you to not only read, but to spend some time in the text.
  • Make time to read, meditate, and pray each day. Make spending time in God's Word a priority every day.
  • Find a quiet time and place to study. Turn off your phone and TV and spend time in the Word.
  • Have pen and paper handy. Make notes, underline, keep a study journal. Find key verses to put to memory.
Download Reading Plan Here